Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Blonde of the Joke by Bennett Madison

Valentina leads the kind of quiet existence where teachers don't even really know her name. Then she meets Francie - wild, loud, blonde Francie - and suddenly Val's life is completely different. Now it's filled with excitement, shoplifting, and a new look that shocks the few people who did notice her before. But beneath it all is a dark emptiness, an unease that threatens to ruin everything.

First - I have to be honest. One of the major reasons why I picked up this book is because of the picture and the author blurb of Bennett Madison in the back of the book. There's a reason why people work so hard at book design - you never know what might grab a reader. That aside, though, there's a reason why 'good girl meets wild girl and change ensues' is such an enduring story. How much will she change? Is it permanent? How far will she fall? There's something voyeuristic about it, almost, watching it all play out. I enjoyed this book quite a bit and really liked the ending, the last third of the book especially.

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