Monday, July 9, 2012

The Little Woods by McCormick Templeman

Years ago, Calista Wood's sister disappeared in the woods behind a private school; Cally never saw her again. Now Cally is a teenager and attending that same private school. None of the other students know of her connection to the disappearance. Another student disappeared recently - that's why Cally could start in the middle of a semester. Some say that she ran away while others think that she was murdered. As Cally digs deeper into the mystery she uncovers more about her own story, but getting closer to the truth could put herself in danger.

I have a particular fondness for books set at private boarding schools, because there's something that happens when you take the parents out of a story. There are some parents/adults in this book, but they're all at the edges of the action. The book succeeds in creating a creepy atmosphere where people are not to be trusted and anything seems possible. I had trouble figuring out where the story was going to go because I had no idea what was even possible. Is something supernatural happening in the woods? Or is it much more terrestrial? Is Cally in danger, and is there anyone who can trust? It worked in different ways: Cally is an outsider to the school community (and the woods), but she's also an outsider to the kind of rich, fast-lane life that the other students live. This creepy, spooky, mystery is a great pick for a summer read (particularly if you want to read it in the daylight).

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