Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elefante by Vanita Oelschlager illustrated by Kristin Blackwood

Everyone knows that elephants never forget, right? Someone forgot to tell Elefante - he forgets everything! Sometimes that's a bad thing, like when he forgets to eat lunch (and gets hungry later) or forgets to clean up his toys (and his sister trips and falls down). But sometimes it's not so bad, like when he forgets that he's scared of scared of mouse (and makes a new friend) or forgets that he's shy (and gets to be the star of the show!). Knowing what to remember and what to forget is part of growing up, and Elefante is learning how fun life can be when you forget your fears and try new things.

I was drawn to this board book because of bright orange elephant on the front. It's certainly eye-catching, and I can see how kids would be drawn to it, too. The story almost seems like it's aimed at older kids (with the multiple ideas of forgetting), but even if they can't follow the subtleties of the story the illustrations will keep kids interested in the book. On the back cover there's a note that all of the artwork in the book was created out of recycled and repurposed material, including a bubble wrap, a sponge, and a band-aid. This had me immediately flipping over and reading through the book again. In addition to starting a conversation with kids about forgetting, it could easily also spark the creativity of artistic types who are eager to create pictures out of things you have around the house.

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