Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cover Kids: Ashley's Big Mistake by Suzanne Weyn

Ashley Taylor is in demand as a model. She's been on magazine covers, done tons of high-level photo shoots, and has been working steadily since she was a baby. Now she has a chance to add a new item to her resume: actress. Ashley's landed a role on a TV movie. This is her chance to be like her big actor brother, her talk show host mom, and her producer father. Even better, her modeling friends are all joining her in California to do a beachwear shoot. Modeling comes so easily to Ashley, but acting is harder than it looks: she can't remember her lines, she doesn't know how to bring emotion to her line readings, and she doesn't get along with the movie's big star. This could be Ashley's breakout move - or her biggest mistake.

As I mentioned in my post on Chloe Mania, Ashley's Big Mistake was a book I read when I was younger (most likely from a book order at school, since it is a Troll book) and mostly forgot about until I found Chloe Mania in a used book store. There are some things that I remember very clearly from this book, like Ashely seeing her face on the cover of a magazine after a heated lunch at a hotel or Chloe dripping over sandcastles on the beach while she films a walk-on part on a TV show. I had forgotten the main plot of the book, though. Ashley's crisis of identity is interesting even as it is unlikely - that is, the plot of transitioning from cover girl model to a TV movie of the week star is not something that will happen to a lot of people. But underneath that are very real and common emotions. How can you shine in a family of stars? What happens when your dreams are different from those of your parents? How much of your life is defined by who your parents are? Should you do what you love or what makes you famous or rich? And, ultimately, how do you make yourself happy?

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