Monday, May 21, 2012

Rush for Gold: Mystery at the Olympics by John Feinstein

Being aspiring reporters means that Susan Carol and Stevie are often in the right place at the wrong time...or the right place at the right time to foil someone else's plot. Susan Carol also has other special skills. She's a top swimmer who is on track to compete at the Summer Olympics in London. It should be a wonderful time, but she's weighed down by agents and coaches and everything that goes along with being an elite athlete. But it's more than that; is it possible that there's an international conspiracy going on in her event? Susan Carol and Stevie have solved mysteries before...but this time it's personal.

This is a great tie-in with the upcoming Summer Olympics. I love reading novels about athletes and the Olympics. Susan Carol and Stevie are both highly motivated, smart characters with believable moments of naivete. It was a little weird to see real life people (mainly swimmers) appearing in the story as fictional characters; I don't know why this strikes me as stranger more than in movies, but it does. Overall, though, it's a fun sports story with a bit of a mystery and a friendship (and possibly more) between two likeable teen characters.

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