Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jersey Angel by Beth Ann Bauman

It's the summer before Angel's last year of high school. Her best friend has everything: good grades, a good boyfriend, a good plan for the rest of her life. Angel's grades aren't spectacular, she's having trouble figuring out what she wants from relationships, and has no idea what to do after high school. But a lot can change in a summer, particularly in a place where as much happens as a town on the Jersey Shore.

One of the things that I love about reading is that it can introduce you to worlds you've never experienced, and life on the Jersey Shore is one that's new to me. I used that to explain away things that didn't quite make sense (like why a teenager is allowed to live on her own, just because her mom owns another house next door) and just let that wash over me. There are many things about Angel that made for a great character. She's a strong, confident girl who has a grounded attitude towards sex and love. She doesn't always make the best decisions and she doesn't always think with a clear head. She loves her family and her best friend but has a hard time figuring out where her life is going to go next or seeing. It's not a long book but it doesn't need to be; it dips in and gives readers a glimpse at a point of Angel's life. Given that I felt like I needed to wear sunscreen just looking at the cover, this is a great pick for a summer read; add it to your beach tote bag along with sunglasses and a bottle of water.

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I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Wendy Lamb Books/Random House.

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