Friday, May 11, 2012

Let's Count Goats! by Mem Fox and Jan Thomas

There are lots of different goats in the world, and they do lots of different things. There are mountain goats and city goats and eating goats and drinking goats. Pilot goats and musical goats and goats who relax by the sea. Do you know how many goats there are?  There's only one thing left to do: count the goats!

I was so excited when I was exploring at the library and discovered this book. Mem Fox and Jan Thomas together in a book? Count me in! Then I discovered that it isn't exactly a new book - it's been released for a few years. Where have I been? Not counting goats, that's for sure! This book has lots of things that would make it a great book for a storytime: rhyming text, counting, predictability (perfect for kids to shout out the next word), colourful pictures, animals... If you're like me and haven't seen this book yet, definitely keep an eye out for it.

Check out Mem Fox and Jan Thomas's websites.

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