Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pretty Penny Comes Up Short by Devon Kinch

Penny really wants to donate money to help the animals at Doodle's Animal Farm. She loves animals! But she only has $5.50 saved to give to charity. It's a start, but she wants to do more. She comes up with the idea to raise money by having a drive-in movie fundraiser. It's a big success! But some of the money is missing. What could have happened to it?

This story is written with straightforward language, great for kids who are adjusting to reading on their own but aren't quite ready for longer chapter books. The illustrations match what's happening in the text and there's a fun sense of humour to the characters. I think that adults will respond well to its positive messages about saving money, helping others, and being honest. It's so important to start financial literacy lessons early with children, and the idea of saving money so that you can donate to a good cause is a great idea to adopt at an early age. Definitely check this one out for classroom, school, and public libraries.

I read a review copy at Edelweiss courtesy of Random House Young Readers.

Find it at IndieBound. 

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