Sunday, February 19, 2012

Terrible, Awful, Horrible Manners! by Beth Bracken and illustrated by Richard Watson

Pete has terrible manners. He burps. He farts. He picks his nose. He never says please. He has terrible, awful, horrible manners! And even worse, he thinks it's funny to behave like this! His parents have a plan to make him realize how he's behaving...but will it work?

While I have my doubts that a single dinner where the adults act impolitely would be enough to get Pete to reconsider his behaviour, it does make for a good story. There's enough disgusting stuff in here to appeal to kids (for example, there's a farting monkey on the back cover), while parents and caregivers will appreciate the message of 'it's polite to use your manners.' And people like me who love monkeys will find lots of great monkey pictures throughout the book. It's a fun addition to the popular category of picture books about manners.

I received a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Capstone.

Find it at IndieBound. 

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