Monday, February 13, 2012

Stacey and the Stolen Hearts by Ann M. Martin

Stacey is really excited about Pete Black's great Valentine's Day fundraiser. The Student Council will sell Valentine-grams for $1 and then hand them out on February 14. It seems like all of Stoneybrook Middle School has gotten swept up in the spirit and the fundraiser is a big success. But then the valentines are stolen while Stacey's on duty... and the list of suspects is a mile long. Even worse, someone is making the private messages very, very public. What's Stacey going to do?

As far as Baby-Sitters Club Mysteries go, this one was pretty enjoyable. It was a mystery that made sense to have thirteen-year-olds investigating it (I wasn't screaming at the book for them to go to the police). Plus, it has the late-in-the-series character of Cary Retlin, who I always enjoy reading about. (In this book he even has a secret basement lair!) There are some other plots going on, including the mandatory one involving children (this time it's a Valentine's Day party at the library) but even that didn't seem over-the-top. Stacey did have a few passive aggressive comments about her best friend Claudia that I probably wouldn't have picked up on when I was younger, but in general this was a good entry in the BSC series.

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