Monday, February 20, 2012

Kylie Jean: Dancing Queen by Marci Peschke

Kylie Jean is back, and her desire to be a beauty queen is stronger than ever! She's just learned about a new kind of queen: the Swan Queen, Odette, from Swan Lake. She's so excited to audition for Odette, because that means she'll get to wear a beautiful ballet costume (and maybe even a crown!). But there's a lot of competition for the role of Odette, and many of the other girls have more experience than Kylie Jean. Will she find a way to be a dancing queen?

(Some spoilers below)

It's not unusual for me to get excited about books, particularly books that I didn't know were being published. But the look of pure joy on my face when I saw that there was a new Kylie Jean book is a look that I rarely get. I have such a strong affection for this little girl and her pink and sparkles and dreams of being a queen. Kylie Jean, as usual, demonstrates a lot of positive character traits in her story: she's disappointed but learns to live with it, she doesn't get the part she wants but she realizes that she made a commitment and sticks with it, and she wants to congratulate the person who did get the part she wanted. She has a great relationship with her family and focuses on how to solve problems. And, as an extra bonus, at the end of the book (after the fun reflective and extension exercises for readers), there was a page advertising three more new Kylie Jean books. They're absolutely going on my To Read List.

I read a review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Capstone.

Check out Marci Peschke's website.

Find it at IndieBound.

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