Friday, January 29, 2010

Paulina P. (for Petersen) by Lisa Cinar

Paulina P. (for Petersen) loves the letter P - it's her favourite letter in the whole alphabet! There are so many wonderful things that begin with the letter p: pandas, polyester pantyhose, even her best friend, Penny Lee. The letter P is so great that Paulina wishes everyone loves is as much as she does. That would be positively perfect!

The greatest compliment I can give this book is that as soon as I saw it in our workroom, I had to read to it everyone working there. And after I had read a few pages, I stopped, and they begged me to keep going. It's a lovely little story that has fun, engaging illustrations (my favourite was of Paulina pretending to be a panda). I'm not sure how it would work in a storytime, but I'd like to try it out; regardless, it's a great book for parents and children to pour over together, tooking at all the pictures and thinking of other p words.

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