Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blame by Michelle Huneven

Patsy MacLemoore is a high functioning alcoholic. She's a college professor with a handsome boyfriend and a promising future. Then, one day, she wakes up in jail. Realizing she was drinking and blacked out, she asks why she's there. She jokes, "Did I kill someone?"

Yes, they say. She did.

Patsy then faces a much different future: prison, shame, guilt. She has to figure out how to survive in this world - and she has to figure out how to process knowing she committed this crime without actually remembering it. Then, after adjusting to prison, she has to figure out how to fit back into the 'real world.'

Marketed as an adult book, I think it would be interesting to see a teen reaction to this book. So many people (including, but not limited to, teens) think that they are untouchable, that actions don't have consequences or that their actions won't need consequences. The book doesn't read like a scare tactic or even necessarily a cautionary tale; it just tells a very straightforward story of a person who's life veered wildly off the track she had thought she was on.

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  1. Interesting thought to have a teen read it and see what they think, and who knows? Maybe it would make a difference in someone's life or at least get them to stop and think. It reminds me a bit of Seven Pounds with Will Smith that I finally saw the other day. If you haven't seen it, it basically tells the story of what happens to a man's life when he is driving in his car, checks his text message for a second, and then his life is never the same again. These kinds of books/movies make you think.

    Margo Dill