Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Where's Eddie? by Daniel Nunn and Steve Walker

Eddie loves playing hide and seek. Of course, he's an elephant, so that makes it difficult for him to hide anywhere. That's okay, though, because he loves playing anyway! He's ready to hide - are you ready to find him? Count to ten, get set, go!

There's something really great about elephants in children's books. I think it might have to do with size; in real life they're so big but in picture books they the proportions can be so varied. Sometimes they can expand right off the page; sometimes they will be tiny. In Where's Eddie? in particular, there's the very funny concept of an elephant playing Hide and Seek. The elephant is drawn in a cartoony way while the background is a true-to-life photograph.  Of course he has a hard time hiding, or rather, "hiding," but all the better for the young children reading this book. Because he's so easily findable kids can use their words to describe where he is. There are lots of hide and seek puzzle books out there; this isn't one of those books. This is a board book that will encourage children to develop and build their vocabularies while inspiring them to start their own game of Hide and Seek.

I received an advance review copy from NetGalley courtesy of Capstone Young Readers.

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