Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks

From Amazon:
An unromanticized, irreverent, hilarious look at the blood-sucking life, through the eyes of Nina Harrison, fanged at 15 and still living with her mother. She's stuck in a support group for reformed vamps that has never had anything exciting happen to them...until one of them is murdered. With the help of a priest and Nina's mom soon the whole cast of weak misfit vampires bands together to surprise themselves: saving a werewolf, solving a mystery and keeping the world safe from blood-thirsty unreformed vamps. Through it all, Nina learns to stop fighting fate, accepts that she's a vampire, and realizes she actually kind of does like that cute Dave guy even if he's a vampire.

This is definitely a vampire story for a post-Twilight world. These vampires are sickly, fragile, unpleasant to be around, and unconscious during the day. They all belong to a support group to help them fight their blood-based urges. But when one member is killed by an unknown enemy (who just happens to have silver bullets), the others are forced to work together to protect themselves and their secret. This book has lots of humour and some action (mainly chases and fights), and some - but not much - romance. A good title for teens looking for a funny non-sparkly vampire story or for people looking for an Australian novel.

Read it with:
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I got this from: the library.

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