Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Rabbit's Bad Mood by Ramona Badescu

Amazon didn't have a summary for this book, so I guess I'll have to add my own: Big Rabbit is in a bad mood. That's pretty much it. He's not happy and he can't shake his bad mood. In Badescu's book (filled with Delphine Durand's colourful illustrations), a bad mood is kind of like an uninvited houseguest who won't leave. It's a big furry monster that follows Big Rabbit around, and no matter what Big Rabbit tries to do to cheer himself up (call friends, talk to his mom, watch TV), it won't work. It does, though (spoiler alert?) have a happy ending, and to be honest I was a little let down at the end, because it was so happy and about finding happiness in external things (like friends). I think I was reading it too much about depression (the way it hangs around, closing in on you and how you can't find the happiness you used to be able to in the things that you love), instead of just a regular every day bad mood. So that was my only issue with the book (other than does anyone else think that the rabbit looks a bit more like a kangaroo?) I think that selling stuffed Bad Moods would be an excellent marketing tie-in.

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I got this book: from the library.

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