Thursday, November 11, 2010

America's Next Top Model: Eye Candy by Taryn Bell

The four roommates at Top Model Prep are back in the second volume of the four-book series. Eye Candy picks up just after Alexis has been busted for shoplifting. Although the girls (namely Chloe, the wealthy daughter of a famous model) bailed her out, they're still worried about her and want her to get some help. Instead, though, she gets closer to a male model acquaintance who just happens to have a giant billboard looming over the city. The other girls are all dealing with other issues, too: Chloe is torn between her boyfriend, Liam, and a new guy she meets in New York, and she's still trying to deal with the pressure that her mother puts on her; Lindsay is trying to deal with Liam romancing her while working toward re-energizing her acting career; Shiva-Rose misses home and struggles with the commercial filming, but she might have other talents to show off. The drama comes to a head at an industry party and an intense commercial shoot where every girl is in danger of going home.

I read this book after I had read the other three, out of minor curiosity to find out how book one got to book three. It happened pretty much like I thought it might, although the fact that Alexis' shoplifting wasn't really addressed was surprising because it's really not brought up again in the rest of the series (that I can remember). It's a series that's definitely written for a tween audience because there's not quite enough bite, sex, or intrigue for an older audience.

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